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Chelation therapy in Chicago - Different chelation protocols

Chelation benefits
Chelation helps reduce the levels of heavy metals in the body, thereby reducing the production of free radicals and preventing peroxidation or breakdown of cell membranes, DNA, enzymes, and lipoproteins. Additionally, reducing the free radical threat frees up the body's natural healing mechanisms, so those resources can be directed at halting or even reversing the progression of disease.

Recently, researchers proposed another explanation for chelation benefits. There are many vital substances in our body (nitric oxide, prostaglandins, heparin, histamine, etc) that are critical to maintaining optimal blood circulation and brain function. But excess heavy metals in the body can diminish the body cells’ ability to produce them. Chelation therapy can remove those heavy metals, restoring optimal production of the substances critical to neural, vascular and general health.

New research also suggests that removing heavy metals through chelation can treat and prevent many serious diseases, including pancreatitis, gout, both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis - even cancer. With chelation, new horizons have opened for children suffering from diseases caused by heavy metal toxicity.

Chelation protocols available
Different heavy metal chelation therapies are available, including DMSA or DMSA/ALA, DMPS and EDTA. These can be done intravenously, orally, transdermally or rectally. Other detoxification methods, such as far infrared sauna, detoxifying baths and a mercury chelator called "BioChelat" are used in our office to gently support and enhance chelation programs. We also offer chelation pre-treatments and support during chelation protocols to maximize metal mobility while minimizing side effects.

You can read more about our chelation protocols by clicking here. After researching various chelating agents and methods, Dr. Koles has chosen the ones that work most effectively with the least side effects.

You can read more about our chelation and detoxification methods on this page. If you're interested in finding out what our chelation protocols look like from start to finish, you can find this information on our main chelation page.

Our chelation therapies clude:


Two chelating agents, knows as DMSA and DMPS, can be used for your detoxification program. Dr. Koles prefers to use the new, stable transdermal DMSA lotion formulation.

DMSA (Dimercaptosiccinic acid, Succimer) is an FDA-approved medication that can be used in both adults and children. Transdermal DMSA has not been used in the past because DMSA has a pungent odor, as well as poor stability in a topical formulation. Dr. Koles uses a new design of the DMSA lotion that doesn't have a strong smell and is very stable.

We believe that DMSA offers the best combination of safety and effectiveness for our patients. Still, using DMSA can cause some temporary side effects. The person may experience gas, diarrhea, bloating, and GI discomfort, because of DMSA's sulfur content. Rarely, allergy may occur. Somewhere between 1-3% of patients develop either elevated liver enzymes or low white blood cell and/or platelet counts (a sign of liver and bone marrow suppression). When adverse symptoms occur while using DMSA, they can often be quickly decreased by the reduction or cessation of DMSA dosing.

Unlike DMSA, DMPS is considered an experimental drug by the FDA. So why do people use DMPS? It has been safely used in Europe for over 50 years. It also has better clinical results in chelating cadmium, silver, tin, arsenic and mercury compounds than DMSA. However, DMSA has been shown more effective at removing organic mercury than DMPS and less toxic. DMPS is somewhat more difficult to prepare chemically and is more expensive than DMSA.

Studies have shown that administering DMPS can temporarily increase mercury levels in the brains of people who already have some mercury in their bodies (which would probably be most of us). After the second administration of DMPS, the levels decrease. To read this study, conducted at University of Washington, please click here.

The main reason why some doctors prefer DMPS over DMSA is that on long term oral intake DMSA causes Candida (gut fungi) overgrowth and stomach discomfort in some patients. These problems can be prevented with proper intestinal support, which is required for all chelation programs at our office. For patients that still prefer DMPS, transdermal DMPS - which is significantly less toxic than the oral form - can be used.

Rectal chelation with EDTA

EDTA, the most popular chelating agent, is a synthetic amino acid which has been safely used for over 60 years. Although IV chelation with EDTA and other chelators has been proven safe, we strongly encourage a slower approach with children to avoid a fast and massive heavy metal flush-out. We offer transdermal, oral and rectal chelation protocols with mineral replacement and probiotic support.

Prior to starting an EDTA chelation treatment, it's essential to first go through our body balancing protocol in combination with appropriate nutritional supplements. Optimizing your or child's health prior to chelation will help prevent any possible harmful effects.

Unfortunately, most health insurance companies won't pay for chelation therapy. At more than $3,000 for a complete series of treatments, the cost of IV chelation can be prohibitive for many people. It's also inconvenient and can be potentially harmful, especially in children. For the full course, you have to visit your chelation clinic as many as 30 times. Each time your child needs to suffer the pain of IV injections.

But now there's a new way to get all the detoxifying benefits of chelation without constant visits to the clinic and without the high-cost of IV treatments.

It's known as rectal chelation therapy with a suppository, and it's the newest and most efficient technique for the detoxification of heavy metals. Rectal chelation does the job of detoxifying in a low-cost, convenient manner. It's an effective way to effuse EDTA through the intestinal walls and into your blood stream to clean toxic metals from all body cells.

In fact, some chelation experts believe this new delivery method may be even more effective than IV administration, and safer too. Rectal chelation is becoming the logical choice over IV EDTA, which is poorly absorbed in a stomach and colon (10%). The rectum has a more neutral pH and is not as acidic as the stomach, which makes this area much better for EDTA absorption. Rectal suppository EDTA chelation therapy shows a 95% absorption rate. It is non-invasive and generally greatly preferred over IV treatments.

An additional benefit is administering rectal chelation suppositories right before bedtime. During sleep, there is less metabolic competition for the EDTA, so the chelating agent doesn't have to work as hard. Plus, the chelating agent doesn't encounter as much resistance while you are lying down so it can more effectively chelate the entire body.

Three nights of suppository treatment deliver the same amount of EDTA received in one IV dose. But because it's so much more affordable and so convenient, most people don't have a problem with using EDTA suppositories more frequently. This approach results in less EDTA traveling through the body at a much slower rate, which puts less strain on the liver and kidneys.

Research has shown that EDTA suppositories can remove toxic metals from the body just as effectively as IV chelation. An unpublished study for World Health Products, Inc. conducted by Ted Rozema, M.D., shows that 10 consecutive days of treatment with EDTA suppositories significantly reduced blood lead levels in children with proven lead toxicity. After treatment with just one suppository, the children's urinary lead excretion skyrocketed from 4.23 mcd/gL to more than 325 mcd/gL.9

Detoxamin suppositories do NOT contain salt, yeast, sugar, artificial coloring or preservatives. They are Kosher and contain no meat products. This is ideal for anyone who wants to continue on the important maintenance aspect of chelation.

Is suppository EDTA safe for children?
Yes. In fact, suppository EDTA (Detoxamin) case studies were conducted on lead poisoning in children. The study showed no significant increase in BUN or creatinine levels even in very young children. Due to lower dosage and time release formulation, no renal toxicity was encountered.

Detoxifying Baths

Detoxifying baths are recommended for enhancing bodily cleansing procedures.

We use specially formulated Environmental Detox Bath Kit that assists in the broad elimination of environmental toxins from vaccinations, lead, some mercury, pesticides, insecticides and chemical food residues. Our Detox bath kits also work for nickel, copper and other metals not covered by the other formulas. They contain activated charcoal to assist in the removal of poisons as they are being released through the skin.

It is suggested to go slower when detoxifying mercury. If a person does not show dark residue in the light colored clay AFTER the bath (in the clay residue in the tub), then they need to add Bio Chelat (a homeopathic liquid formula from Germany) to their baths.


Bio-Chelat can be used to “mobilize” or gently move the “stuck” mercury from the organs. It is an easily administered, cost efficient liquid chelator. It is taken in drops, orally. Bio-Chelat enhances the electro-magnetic phenomenon by achieving a high concentration gradient that overcomes the blood-brain barrier – Mercury ions are excreted from the brain. Bio-Chelat is taken over a 6 to 12 month period.

The therapeutic goal of mercury elimination cannot be achieved in a short period of time because mercury is either deposited in, or bound to various organs. Because of the constant environmental exposures, we recommend taking detoxifying baths at least once a week and Bio-Chelat daily.

All mercury chelating procedure should be supplemented with Mercury-Detox formula that contains with glutathione, NAC, vitamin C and other super antioxidants. Additional special liver support is essential with herbal and vitamin formulas.