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Behavioral, structural and functional abnormalities associated with various heavy metal toxins:


    Psychiatric Disturbances:

            • Antisocial behavior, social deficit, social withdrawal: Mercury
            • Repetitive, stereotyped behaviors; OCD-typical behaviors: Mercury
            • Depression, mood swings, flat affect; impaired facial recognition: Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Mercury
            • Pervasive Developmental Disorder: Mercury, Lead
            • Schizoid tendencies; hallucinations; delirium: Mercury
            • Irritability, aggressive behaviors, temper tantrums: Lead, Mercury
            • Suicidal Behaviors: Copper, Mercury
            • Sleep difficulties / disturbances: Lead, Mercury, Thallium
            • Chronic fatigue (CFS); weakness, malaise: Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium
            • Anorexia; symptoms reflecting eating disorders, loss of appetite/weight:
              Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
            • Anxiety; nervous tendencies: Thallium
            • Attention problems (ADHD), lacks eye contact, impaired visual fixation: Lead, Mercury

    Speech and Language Deficits:

            • Speech disorders: Aluminum, Mercury
            • Loss of speech, developmental problems with language: Mercury
            • Speech comprehension deficits: Mercury
            • Dysarthria; articulation problems; slurred speech, unintelligible speech: Mercury

    Cognitive Impairments:

            • Mental retardation, borderline intelligence: Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
            • Uneven performance on IQ scores, low IQ scores: Copper, Lead
            • Poor concentration, attention deficits (ADHD, response inhibition: Aluminum, Lead
            • Poor memory (short term, verbal, and auditory): Aluminum, Lead
            • Difficulties understanding abstract ideas; difficulty carrying out complex commands:
            • X metals
            • Dementia; pre-senile and senile dementia: Aluminum
            • Stupor: Aluminum, Arsenic
            • Impaired reaction time; lower performance on timed tests: Lead


    Sensory Abnormalities:

            • Abnormal Sensations in the mouth and extremities: Arsenic
            • Hearing loss, difficulty hearing: Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
            • Abnormal touch sensations; diminished touch sensations, aversion to touch: Arsenic
            • Blurred vision; sensitivity to light: Arsenic, Mercury


    Motor Disorders:

            • Choreiform movements, myoclonal jerks, unusual postures: Copper, Mercury
            • Difficulty walking, swallowing, talking: Copper, Mercury
            • Flapping, circling, rocking, toe walking: Mercury
            • Problems with intentional movements or imitation: Mercury
            • Abnormal, gait/posture; incoordination, loss of balance; problems sitting, lying, crawling and walking: Mercury
            • Decreased locomotor activity: Aluminum, Arsenic
            • Convulsion; seizure: Aluminum, Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium


    Physiological Impairment, Brain and Central Nervous System:

            • Neurofibrillary tangles: Aluminum
            • Neuritis, retrobulbar neuritis; neuropathy: Aluminum, Arsenic, Lead, Thallium
            • Encephalopathy: Aluminum, Arsenic, Lead, Thallium
            • Cerebrovascular disease: X metals
            • Alterations in nerve conduction velocity: Lead
            • Alterations in the spinal cord: Thallium
            • Accumulates in CNS structures: Aluminum, Mercury
            • Abnormal EEGs: Arsenic, Lead
            • Autonomic disturbances: Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium


    Peripheral Nervous System:

            • Peripheral neuropathy: Arsenic, Mercury
            • Alterations in peripheral nerves: Arsenic
            • Loss of feeling/ numbness in the extremities; paresthesia: Arsenic, Mercury, Thallium


    Gastrointestinal Tract:

            • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; loss of appetite: Arsenic, Mercury
            • Abdominal pain, stomach cramps; burning of the throat of the mouth: Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium
            • Esophagitis; gastroenteritis; colitis: Arsenic, Mercury, Thallium
            • Cancers (colon, pancreatic, stomach, or rectal): Arsenic


    Renal and Hepatic Impairment:

            • Hepatotoxicity; Liver dysfunction, damage: Arsenic, Copper, Thallium
            • Cirrhosis of the liver; hepatitis: Copper
            • Kidney disease; kidney failure: Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
            • Renal toxicity; tubular proteinosis: Arsenic, Copper, Lead
            • Kidney Damage, histological alterations: Arsenic, Lead


    Cardiovascular System:

            • Blood vessel damage: Arsenic
            • Anemia; decreased red blood cell count: Arsenic, Copper
            • Hypertension; increased heart rate (tachycardia): Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Thallium
            • Electrocardiac disorders, Peripheral vascular disease; cardiovascular disease, vascular collapse: Arsenic, Lead


    Respiratory System:

            • Pulmonary Fibrosis: Aluminum, Arsenic
            • Pulmonary edema: X metals
            • Pneumonia, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis: Aluminum, Arsenic, Mercury
            • Restrictive airway disorders, asthmatic conditions, pneumoconiosis: Arsenic, Aluminum
            • Nasal ulcers, perforation of the nasal septum: X metals


    Immune System:

            • Increased incidences of asthma, autoimmune-like symptoms, & allergies: X metals
            • Inhibition of lymphocytes, T-cells, monocytes X metals
            • Immunosuppression: Lead
            • Decreased white blood cell count: Arsenic, Thallium


    Reproductive System:

            • Genital abnormalities: Aluminum, Thallium
            • Disturbances in menstrual cycle; menstrual pains: Copper, Mercury
            • Birth defects; premature births; Spontaneous abortion: Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
            • Reproductive dysfunction: Arsenic, Aluminum


    Other Physical Disturbances:

            • Hypotonia or hypertonia; decreased muscular strength: X metal
            • Rashes, contact dermatitis; eczema, itchy/irritating skin: Aluminum, Arsenic, Copper, Mercury
            • Muscle pain; headache; acrodynia; colic: Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Thallium
            • Alopecia (hair loss) - Thallium

Reference: Published in the August issue of Alternative & Complimentary Therapies (a magazine for doctors) and Published in Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.